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Payment Information

  1. Please see the information outlined below for the fee structure.
  2. Make checks payable to HILLSMERE SWIM TEAM.
  3. Send checks to 155 Mainsail Drive Stevensville, Maryland 21666. You may drop off checks to 405 Walnut Drive BUT must notify the Team Manager first.
  4. Address on envelope to Hillsmere Swim Team c/o Becky Crosby, Team Manager.
  5. ALL checks must be post marked by TBD for general registrational or dropped off by TBD.
  6. Late fees of $30.00 per child will apply after May 21, 2021. No exceptions.

Hillsmere Residents and Pool Members (2021 Season)     

     $155.00 (age 7 and up as of June 1st) per swimmer

     $130.00 (age 4 or 6 as of June 1st) per swimmer

Non-Member of the Hillsmere Commuity and Pool               

     $180.00 (age 7 and up as of June 1st) per swimmer

     $155.00 (age 5 or 6 as of June 1st) per swimmer

Discount for 3rd child or more

     only $75.00 per swimmer for 3rd child or more    

Late registration fee applies 

    $30.00 each child after May 21, 2021

Refund Policy: Full refunds will only be given up to TBD. 

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